Harsha Fowdar

PhD student – Monash University
e. Harsha.Fowdar@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 5581

Following her graduation in a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) with honours at Monash University, Harsha worked as a site engineer in a construction company in Mauritius. As such, she was involved in a project dealing with water infrastructure, where she undertook field work and project management tasks. Harsha became fascinated by how water resources can determine the quality of life of people, in addition to contributing to the economy of countries around the world. This paved her interest in contributing to the improvement of urban water management systems, thereby leading to her enrollment as a PhD student. Harsha’s supervisors are Prof. Ana Deletic and Dr Belinda Hatt. The focus of Harsha’s PhD topic will be on development of dual-mode biofiltration systems, which is linked to the C4 project.