WSUD Technologies

The WSUD Technologies program aims to develop and test a range of new technologies for managing urban water systems, with a particular focus on urban stormwater management.  Whilst the urban stormwater technologies being developed are mainly focussed on the improvement of water quality and/or the restoration of natural catchment hydrology, they also aim for a wider range of benefits including aesthetic and micro-climate benefits.

The range of technologies can be broadly categorised into (i) vegetated and (ii) non-vegetated systems. Vegetated technologies may include wetlands, swales, biofiltration and infiltration systems, whilst non-vegetated systems may include media filtration and disinfection systems. Click on the links below for more information:

This Program builds on past research undertaken by the Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration (FAWB) and the Institute for Sustainable Water Research (ISWR).

This Program is intimately linked with the research being undertaken under the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program, in particular the work of Project 1 (Sustainable Technologies) and Project 4 (Stream Ecology), which are developing the optimal technologies for management of stormwater quality and hydrology to support stormwater harvesting and healthy receiving water ecosystems.

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