Urban Water Governance

The Urban Water Governance Program seeks to bridge the policy-implementation gap through fundamental and applied research in urban water management, by providing a reliable knowledge base on the governance of urban water. By water governance we mean the management of collective issues, the stakeholders involved and the processes used to deliver treat and dispose of water in cities.

Complimentary social research projects draw on Australian and overseas experiences of managing water in cities in the face of sustainability challenges and changing environments to explore four key thematic areas (click on the links for more informations):

The Program works in collaboration with the Australian water industry and draws on the scholarly knowledge of international research networks and collaborative projects. This actively integrates socio-technical scientific research with experiential knowledge to produce a robust knowledge base of current thinking, practice and issues.  This collaboration also enables research findings to directly inform policy and science on contemporary questions of water governance.

This project is intimately linked with the research being undertaken under the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program, in particular the work of Project 6 (Society and Institutions), the aim of which is to identify and demonstrate the social and institutional ingredients to proactively advance the mainstream application of decentralised stormwater harvesting across Australian cities.

For a full list of publications relating to the Urban Water Governance Program, see the Publications section of the website.

To find out who’s part of the Urban Water Governance Program, please refer to the People section of this Program.

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