Highlights of the 12th International Conference on Urban Drainage (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Prof Tony Wong, Prof Ana Deletic and Dr Fjalar J. de Haan
Presented at Waterfront Venues, Docklands, Melbourne

The International Conference on Urban Drainage, held every three years, is without doubt the most important conference in the field of stormwater. The conference informs urban drainage professionals, designers, practitioners and researchers of the latest advances, concepts, design and best practice across all technical, environmental, social and economic aspects of urban drainage.

We are aware of the fact that most Australian water professionals will not have had the opportunity to participate in this conference. We have adopted two ways to keep you updated with some of the state-of-the-art research in stormwater, i.e. (i) a showcase of research presentations by our Higher Degree Research students was held on September 1st at Monash University; and (ii) a session on ‘highlights of the 12th ICUD’ was held on Wednesday 30th of November.

The Centre for Water Sensitive Cities had a strong presence with a group of 26 research staff and students travelling to Brazil. All Centre conference papers presented during the conference were in both the technical aspects of urban stormwater quality management as well as the social aspects of community receptivity and institutional reform for integrated urban water management, reinforcing the inter-disciplinary nature of the Centre. They can be viewed by following this link: http://www.waterforliveability.org.au/?p=6065

This reporting back session focused on certain papers which were of particular interest to the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities’ research areas: 3 papers in the area of social sciences, and 3 papers in the civil engineering area.