Mitigating urban extreme heat in Adelaide and Melbourne through irrigation and stormwater reintegration

(2010 – current)
Ashley Broadbent

Ashley’s PhD will focus on modeling extreme heat events in Adelaide and Melbourne to investigate the effect of irrigation and stormwater reintegration on local to mesoscale urban climate.  A meteorological weather prediction model (WRF) coupled with a urban land surface model (NOAH) will be used for these simulations.  As part of this work, he will develop a parameterisation for irrigation and stormwater reintegration as these processes are not well accounted for in urban land surface models. Model parameters will be derived primarily from remote sensing imagery and modelled results will be validated with in situ climate station and flux-tower data sources. Sub-grid scale urban climate variability will be considered using high resolution observational data collected in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide.

Prof Nigel Tapper, Prof Jason Beringer, Dr Andrew Coutts and Dr Matthias Dumuzere

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Project P3 (Green Cities and Micro-climate)Cities as Water Supply Catchments