Micropollutants validation framework for natural treatment systems

(2011 – current)
Kefeng Zhang

Natural stormwater treatment systems, such as Water Sensitive Urban Design technologies (e.g. wetlands, biofilters, MAR (Managed Aquifer Recharge) schemes , etc.), are passive systems that rely on natural treatment processes.  However, in order to advance the practice of stormwater harvesting for these natural stormwater treatment systems, it is essential to validate their pollutant removal efficiency.

Hence, the overall goal of this study is to develop a framework to validate the capacity of natural treatment systems in removing micropollutants. In order to achieve this, a standardised suite of tools (tool box) will be developed to verify the removal capacity of natural systems. The tool box will contain various laboratory/field/modelling techniques which can be applied to a range of scales.  Several natural system case studies (biofilters, wetlands and MAR) will be carried out to understand the behaviour of micropollutants in these selected natural systems.

The developed framework will be tested using field data on MARs from Adelaide and field data on wetland and biofilter challenging tests from Monash University. In addition to field data, we will use results from laboratory column studies (MAR, wetland and biofilter) to further validate the framework.

Prof Ana Deletic, Dr David McCarthy and Dr Declan Page (CSIRO)

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