Nima Zorriasateyn

PhD Candidate – Department of Infrastructure Engineering, University of Melbourne
p. (03) 9740 1352

Nima achieved the first scientific rank in the nationwide master program entrance examination in Iran in 2002 and finished his master degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering with honors.  He is now a PhD candidate in the Department of Infrastructure Engineering at the University of Melbourne.  As a Water Engineer Specialist, Nima worked with an international engineering consulting company (RAMAB) in their Department of Urban Water resources from 2001 to 2009. During this time, he was involved in various types of projects in the fields of water resources, stormwater systems, infrastructure, environmental engineering and management.  Before starting his PhD research, Nima also worked as a research assistant on the “Causal analysis in environmental flows planning and evaluation in the Murray Darling Basin” at the University of Melbourne.

Nima is involved in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities through his PhD research (Predicting Changes in the Important Characteristics of Sediment Regime in Urban Streams), which links into Project P4 (Stream Ecology), within the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program.