Lorenzo de la Fuente

Research Fellow – School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University
p. (03) 9905 2269

Lorenzo is a postdoctoral researcher working with the Monash Weather and Climate (MWAC) group located in the School of Mathematical Sciences. His past postdoctoral affiliations include Oxford University for research and fieldwork in cloud forests of the Peruvian Andes, and Dalhousie University for research on maritime fog in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (Canada). He is a boundary layer meteorologist by training, but obtained his Ph.D. in Computing and Mathematics from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2003. His research interests include small-scale weather phenomena near the ground as well as discrete CFD methods.

Lorenzo is involved in Project P2 (Climate Change), within the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program.  The focus of his work is developing ensemble WRF ARW simulations of regional weather and climate, and dynamic downscaling of these simulations to urban scales. This will provide future rainfall projections at appropriate space and time scales along with quantitative estimates of the uncertainties in such projections.