Health Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Stormwater Harvested for Reuse

(2010 – current)
Jane-Louise Lampard

This project will address the knowledge gaps in our understanding of the health risks associated with pathogens in stormwater, contribute to the improvement of the guidelines for stormwater harvesting, and provide guidance on management practices that are protective of human health.

The aim of this project is to assess the risks associated with harvesting of stormwater for treatment and reuse for a range of end uses including drinking water.

  • The project will consider the source of the water, the treatment technologies in the system (e.g. biofiltration) and what the resulting water quality can be used for.
  • It will also consider the information that is needed to ensure safety from schemes based on further treatment for higher contact uses.
  • The project will also develop monitoring and risk assessment protocols, based on the information gathered in the previous stages to clarify the hazards posed to human health by unknown or unexpected pathogens in stormwater intended for reuse and to recommend strategies to manage the risks.

Assoc Prof Heather Chapman, Dr Anne Roiko, Dr Helen Stratton and Dr David McCarthy

Project P5 (Risks and Health)Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program