Fern Yong

PhD Candidate – Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University
e. Fern.Yong@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 5022

Fern joined the Monash University team in September 2007 as a PhD researcher.  Prior to beginning her PhD, Fern completed a Bachelor of Environmental Science, with a major in Chemistry and Zoology at Monash University and worked as a water quality analyst in the Water Studies Centre in the School of Chemistry. Fern’s research explores the hydraulic and treatment performance of porous pavements under variable drying and wetting regime, which would give us a better understanding of clogging, thereby providing confidence for porous pavements to become part of a solution to the urban water problem.
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Fern’s PhD (Evaluating Clogging in Porous Pavement Systems) is linked to the ARC Linkage Project: Could Porous Pavement be Part of the Urban Water Solution?, within the WSUD Technologies Program – Non Vegetated Filtration Systems.