Dr Andrew Coutts

Research Fellow – School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Monash University
e. Andrew.Coutts@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 8284

Andrew graduated with a PhD in March 2008 in the area of urban climatology at Monash University. Before his current position as a Research Fellow, Andrew worked at the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) for over three years, working in both the Environmental Policy and Climate Change Division, and more recently in the Office of Water, where he worked on sustainable urban water management, in particular stormwater and recycled water policy.
Andrew’s Research interests include (1) urban land-atmosphere interactions; (2) urban heat island mitigation and climate change adaptation in cities; (3) sustainable urban water management; (4) micro-climate and human health; and (5) urban planning for improved climate and thermal comfort.
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Andrew’s involvement in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities includes:

Andrew’s PhD (The influence of housing density and urban design on the surface energy balance and local climates of Melbourne, Australia and the impact of Melbourne 2030’s vision), which he completed in 2008 is linked to the Urban Climatology Program.