Peter Bach

PhD Candidate – Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University
(03) 9905 4968

Peter completed his Bachelor in Civil Engineering at Monash University at the end of 2009. He had previously worked as a research assistant during the summer of 2008 and early 2009 on stormwater quality. He had the opportunity to present part of his work at an international conference later in 2009 and the experience inspired him to continue his research by undertaking a PhD. In mid 2010, as part of his research, Peter visited the Unit of Environmental Engineering at the University of Innsbruck for three months, where he gained enormous insight into the critical issues of urban water management around Europe.
Peter hopes to undertake more intensive interdisciplinary research with his colleagues into developing a better understanding of the critical links between sustainable urban water management, urban planning and socio-economic aspects in light of the challenges posed by climate change. He aims to find solutions that are practical in different environments of climate extremes.
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Peter’s PhD research (Virtual City Module and Integrated Performance Assessment Tool) links into two different research areas within the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities: