Jane-Louise Lampard

PhD Candidate – Smart Water Research Facility, Griffith University
e. j.lampard@griffith.edu.au
p. (07) 5552 7809 

Jane-Louise is a PhD candidate at Smart Water Research Centre, Griffith University, investigating human health risks associated with pathogens in stormwater harvested for reuse. She first became interested in human health risks associated with water while undertaking her Bachelor of Business (Management)/Bachelor of Science (Public Health) at the University of the Sunshine Coast. During her honours research she conducted a screening level risk assessment of human health hazards associated with constructed lakes in a peri-urban catchment on the Sunshine Coast. Prior to commencing her PhD, Jane-Louise also worked as a research assistant at Smart Water Research Centre, examining risks associated with recycled wastewater.

Jane-Louise’s PhD (Health Risk Assessment of Pathogens in Stormwater Harvested for Reuse) is linked to Project P5 (Risks and Health), within the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program.