Prof Tim Fletcher

Department of Resource Management and Geography, Melbourne University
p. (03) 9250 6854

Tim is internationally regarded for his expertise in stormwater quality, treatment and impacts, having written 200 publications on the topic (40 in the last three years). His research focus has included modelling stormwater flows, quality and the performance of stormwater treatment systems, and ecosystem response to stormwater management.
Tim is now leading a research collaboration with INSA Lyon (France) through the Australian Government DEST International Science Linkages Program, on a project entitled “Coping with Uncertainty in Stormwater Models”. He is also leading, with Assoc Prof Walsh, a project retrofitting a small urban catchment with rainwater tanks and biofiltration systems, in order to assess the impact on the receiving stream (which was monitored prior to the intervention, for a period of three years – Little Stringybark Creek Project).
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Tim’s involvement in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities includes: