Dr Geoff Vietz

Research Fellow – Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Melbourne
e. g.vietz@unimelb.edu.au
p. (03) 8344 6932

Geoff is a fluvial geomorphologist with 13 years experience in river and water resources management throughout Australia and internationally. Much of his career has been in the consulting arena as a specialist in environmental flows and geomorphologic processes related to flow alteration and has been on more than 50 technical panels in this capacity. His PhD focused on the geomorphic form of rivers as it relates to the flow and sediment regime. He has also been a lecturer in fluvial geomorphology, hydrology and river rehabilitation.
Geoff is currently a Research Fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Melbourne where he spends 4 days of his week and a part-time specialist consultant for his own business. As a researcher he is currently involved in the Farms, Rivers and Markets project characterising the ecohydraulics of low flow habitat and relationship to river regulation, the potential for conjunctive use of wetlands for ecological and consumptive purposes, and the impact of flow on geomorphic functioning (e.g. substrate ‘smothering’). Geoff is also currently a graduand Fellow of the Peter Cullen Trust.
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Geoff’s involvement in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities is within Project P4 (Stream Ecology). He provides geomorphic understanding of the impacts of urbanisation and identifying the role stormwater harvesting and associated activities may play in improving the ecological health of urban streams.