Prof Ray Ison

Professorial Fellow – School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University
Systems for Sustainability, Monash Sustainability Institute/Uniwater
Open University (UK)

Ray holds chairs at Monash University (where he is Professor), Systems for Sustainability (located in the Monash Sustainability Institute/Uniwater), and the Open University (UK) where he has been Professor of Systems since 1994. He has an established international reputation in Systems scholarship – particularly second-order cybernetics and the biology of cognition as developed by Chilean biologist Humberto Maturana.  His most recent book, ‘Systems Practice:   How to Act in a Climate-change World’ (Springer), was published in May 2010.  Through his research, teaching and consultancy he has made significant contributions in the areas of systems practice and social learning, systemic environmental decision making, ‘knowledge transfer’, design of learning/inquiring systems and agricultural systems.  His work has found practical application in diverse fields including water management, organisational change, staff induction, Higher Education reform and rural development. His recent work with colleagues elucidates through empirical, theoretical and systemic-design research how social learning could be employed as an alternative governance mechanism for managing in complex, or ‘wicked’ situations, particularly water catchments and other multiple stakeholder settings.
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