Yvette Bettini

PhD Candidate – School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University
e. Yvette.Bettini@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 8539

Through her career in natural resource management, Yvette has developed an interest in the interface between western society’s sustainable use and management of natural resources. From her Bachelor of Science (Resource and Environmental Management) studies at the Australian National University, she developed a keen interest in opening the door for community participation in resource management planning and on-ground activities. Her honours research explored community contributions to resource management at an individual level by offering an insight into the formation and shaping of local ecological knowledge. Gaining a Graduate Diploma in Environment and Planning from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology also allowed her to explore local government’s role in natural resource management through strategic and statutory land-use planning legislation and practice.
Over four years in the Victorian State Government gave her an appreciation of governance and public administration, and the management of water, engaging stakeholders and fostering community involvement in policy making and management practice.
Yvette joined the Urban Water Governance Program in 2009 to undertake her PhD, where she is keen to apply her past knowledge and experience of community engagement, catchment management, and working in the public sector, to the problem of enabling sustainable use and management of water in the urban landscape through her research.

Yvette’s PhD (Processes and Pathways to Water Sensitive Cities) is linked to the Urban Water Futures theme, within the Urban Water Governance Program.