Dr Susan van de Meene

Former PhD Candidate – School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University
e. susan.vandemeene@cityu.edu.hk

Susan completed her PhD with the Urban Governance Program in 2010. She now holds a Research Fellow position in the Department of Asian and International Studies at the City University of Hong Kong. Susan has an interdisciplinary background, practising as an environmental engineer before studying for her PhD.  After studying Engineering/Arts at the University of Melbourne, she undertook a wide variety of projects as an environmental engineer, providing technical and policy advice to public and private sector clients.
Susan’s strong interest in contributing towards more sustainable natural resource management brought her to her doctoral research, which focused on exploring the nature of governance in a sustainable urban water management regime.  The research was conducted in Melbourne and Sydney, with leading sustainable urban water professionals from across the water sector.

In addition to her doctoral research, Susan participated in the Water Sensitive Cities Study Tour in 2009, where a group of 15 urban water professionals from across Australia travelled to Europe and Singapore to investigate innovative water management approaches.  Since returning, Susan has contributed to the development of two reports: Report 1 – A Vision for A Water Sensitive City, comprising the group’s vision and policy recommendations which could be adopted immediately; and Report 2 – Ideas for a Water Sensitive City, containing over 80 great ideas for more sustainable urban places and water management which is aimed at practitioners.  Read more about the Water Sensitive Cities study tour

For more information about Susan’s current work, visit her profile at City University of Hong Kong

Susan’s PhD research (Development of a Guiding Framework for Sustainable Urban Water Governance), completed in 2010, is linked to the Institutions and Organisations theme within the Urban Water Governance Program.