Dr Megan Farrelly

Research Fellow – School of Geography and Environmental Sciences, Monash University
e. Megan.Farrelly@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 2616

Following the successful completion of her PhD in Geography from The University of Western Australia, which focused on evaluating integrated environmental planning and management across Australia,  Megan has focused on applying her applied social science research to examining complex governance issues in urban and rural environments.
Through her work with the Urban Water Governance Program, Megan has lead a national research project investigating the role and importance of demonstration projects in the urban water sector for promoting institutional learning. She is also actively engaged in other UWGP research projects including a project funded by CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country Flagship funding to investigate institutional impediments to advancing the implementation of decentralised urban water management regimes.
Drawing on her varied experience, Megan has provided policy advice to governments around the need  for advancing more sustainable urban water management practices, has participated in a national workshop series aimed at promoting the development of ‘Water Sensitive Cities’ and has presented key research findings at numerous national and international forums and published in relevant academic journals.
Megan has broad professional experience and interest in sustainable urban water management, sustainable cities, integrated environmental planning and management, policy formulation, integration and evaluation, institutional capacity building and community engagement and participation. She is a member of the Australian Water Association, the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand, and the Institute of Australian Geographers.

Megan is involved in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities through a large number of research projects within the Urban Water Governance Program.