Dr Yali Li

PhD Candidate – Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University
e. Yali.Li@monash.edu
p. (03) 9905 6202

Yali graduated from Tianjin University (China) with BEng in 1998. She then undertook a PhD at the National University of Singapore (completed in 2006), which equipped her with knowledge in chemical engineering, chemistry and materials. Yali also had several years working experience in different fields such as (1) industrial wastewater treatment (Tianjin Academy of Environmental Science, China 1998-2001) and (2) membrane preparation and membrane-integrated wastewater treatment (R&D department, Hyflux Ltd. Singapore 2006-2009). In 2010, she started her PhD study at Monash University to obtain a systematic training in water engineering to further her career in this field.

Yali’s PhD (Passive Filtration for Pathogen Removal in Urban Stormwater) links into two different research areas within the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities: