Dr David McCarthy

Lecturer – Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University
(03) 9905 5068

David’s research interests include: (1) improving monitoring regimes for urban stormwater systems, (2) novel modular porous pavement systems designed for reuse applications, (3) modelling of urban stormwater quantity and quality (mostly microorganisms), (4) quantifying model uncertainty, (5) development and design of stormwater harvesting systems and (6) characterising the microbial quality of both wet and dry weather stormwater flows.
During his PhD candidature, David was awarded several competitive industry funded research grants to collect water quality and quantity data to verify his developed model. Moreover, working in conjunction with the Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration (FAWB), he was also awarded funds to help identify the capacity of biofilters to remove microbial constituents. Finally, during his PhD candidature, he was awarded funds from Smart Water to investigate the pollutant removal efficiency of two novel stormwater treatment technologies designed for harvesting scenarios. After submitting his thesis in July 2008, he was employed as a Research Fellow at Monash University where he played an integral part in the success of an internationally recognised research team. He has recently been offered a lecturer position in the Civil Engineering Department (2010).
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David’s involvement in the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities includes:

David’s PhD (Modelling Microorganisms in Urban Stormwater), which he completed in 2008, is also linked to two of the Research Programs: