Nutrient Behaviour in Dry and Wet Weather of Stormwater Drainage

(2009 – current)
David Choy

Stormwater is the key source of diffuse water pollution in urban areas. Elevated levels tend to cause hypoxia and a loss of biodiversity in streams and rivers. Previously, stormwater in Australia has been studied in great detail, and a secondary pollutograph has been identified beyond the storm hydrograph, where nitrogen concentrations were higher during dry weather runoff than in wet weather flow. This  research project aims to identify the factors that cause the variability of nutrient concentrations in 11 different catchments in Melbourne.

The first part of research which highlights the factors that cause the variability of nutrient levels during dry weather flow in 11 Melbourne catchments has been concluded with a paper in an advanced stage of preparation for publication. It is entitled: “Nutrient behaviour in dry weather flow of storm water drains”.

The second part of research into:  “Nutrient behaviour in wet weather (storm) flow” has just commenced.


Prof Tim Fletcher, Prof Ana Deletic and Dr Belinda Hatt

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Ecosystem Protection, within the Ecosystem Dynamics Program