MUSIC (Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation)

(2001 – current)

The Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation (MUSIC) was first developed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Catchment Hydrology in 2001.  The MUSIC Development Team delivered version 4 of MUSIC in 2009.  The software included significant new features, including a completely new bioretention node (based on the research work undertaken by FAWB) and a new media filtration node.  The infiltration has been improved, and a new node water balance feature tells users exactly how much water flowed into and out of a node, through all its various outlet components (including exfiltration and evapotranspiration). It also tells the user how much stormwater was demanded, and the amount of that demand which was satisfied. This makes analysing the performance of stormwater harvesting strategies much easier than in previous versions of MUSIC.  The new version also has much more flexible graphing and reporting, with a user-specifiable timestep now provided.

The MUSIC Development Team is now commencing work on MUSIC v5, which will include the ability to run models at ‘batch runs’.  It will also include new uncertainty / sensitivity analysis tools, and new modules for predicting the performance of porous pavements and granular filters.  Further improvement to the biofiltration node will be made, based on new research undertaken by FAWB on alternative filter media (Project description).  MUSIC v5 will have the ability to track bypass and infiltration flows, giving users more flexibility in their model setup and reporting.  It is also include the ability to model other pollutant types.

Research Team:
Prof Tim Fletcher, Prof Ana Deletic, Dr Edoardo Daly, Dr Belinda Hatt, Dr David McCarthy, Ms Christelle Schang, Ms Katia BratieresMr Dale Browne, Prof Tony Wong (Monash University), Mr Hugh Duncan (Melbourne Water/eWater CRC/Monash University), Mr Tony Weber, Mr Matthew Hardy (BMT WBM), Mr Tim Blackman, Mr Luke McPhail (eWater Innovation), Mr Chris Ryan and Mr David Tetley (CSSE)

Project Partners:

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