Development and Testing of envissTM Systems

(2007 – 2010)

Envirostream Solutions (envissTM) is a water filtration technology and engineering company that develops and designs stormwater treatment and harvesting systems. Its innovative treatment products utilise patented enviss filter technology to achieve high levels of pollutant removal from urban runoff, suitable for new developments and retrofitting.

Monash University’s Centre for Water Sensitive Cities has supported development of the technology, by inventing a novel filter media and filtration systems that can treat urban stormwater runoff for environmental protection and non-potable uses. Through a series of laboratory studies, Centre’s researchers developed the following three types of envissTM media filters:

  1. Modular WSUD treatment pit systems, that have a hydraulic capacity of  1-3 m/hour, and can meet stormwater treatment targets for stream protection;
  2. Modular stormwater harvesting pits, with the same hydraulic capacity (around 1-3 m/hour), but which can deliver water to standards required for indoor non-potable uses (toilet flushing and unrestricted irrigation); and
  3. High flow media that has a hydraulic capacity of around 4-8 m/hour, and can meet stormwater treatment targets for stream protection.

For example, the modular stormwater harvesting pits performed extremely well for removal of pathogenic indicators, with E. coli and F-RNA phages being completely removed from the influent. Moreover, C. perfringens, which are considerably more robust against disinfection, were still reduced by >98% and could have been completely removed if the influent concentrations were not mistakenly ten times that seen in typical stormwater flows. The envissTM system installed at Syndal State Primary School is currently being monitored.

A software package envissDT has been developed that can be used to design envissTM systems. It uses an innovative algoritham to optimise size of filter area and storage at the same time.

Research Team:
Prof Ana Deletic, Dr David McCarthy, Prof Tim Fletcher, Mr Peter Poelsma, Ms Christelle Schang, Ms Katia Bratieres, Mr Javier Neira, Mr Richard Williamson, Mr Benjamin Hillman and Mr Justin Lewis.

Project Partner:
This project was entirely funded by envissTM.


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