The Influence of Vegetation on Hydrology and Nutrient Removal in Biofilters

(2009 – current)
Tracey Pham

The research associated with this Masters will feed into an ARC Linkage funded project: Understanding the role of vegetation in biofiltration systems. The project will focus on the effect of plant growth and morphology on the treatment performance of biofiltration systems. Through examining the characteristics of 22 plant species and their treatment performance in laboratory columns, it is hoped that a more comprehensive understanding of the role that vegetation plays in biofilters will emerge. As a result, future plant selection will optimise the hydraulic attenuation and nutrient removal performance of biofilters.

Project Partner:
The project received funding as part of an ARC Linkage grant.

Dr Belinda Hatt and Prof Tim Fletcher

Publications (link)

Understanding the Role of Vegetation in Biofiltration Systems (Vegetated Filtration Systems/Biofilters) WSUD Technologies