Virtual City Module and Integrated Performance Assessment Tool

(2010 – current)
Peter Marcus Bach

In collaboration with the interdisciplinary research team at Monash and the University of Innsbruck’s Unit of Environmental Engineering (IUT), PhD Candidate Peter M. Bach is researching and developing two modules for the DAnCE4Water urban planning tool as part of the PREPARED FP7 project (Refer to the PREPARED section of this website for more information on this international research program). The general aims include the conceptual representation of a city to allow for the setup of virtual case studies and the development of an integrated urban water system model for performance assessment of the total urban water infrastructure.

The primary focus of Peter’s PhD deals with the representation and modelling of decentralised water sensitive urban design technologies of the water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems in the urban landscape. These components will be integrated into the DAnCE4Water framework with other elements of the model developed by project partners.

Prof Ana Deletic, Dr David McCarthy and Prof Nigel Tapper

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