Performance Assessment of Porous Pavements/Fine Media Filter Systems

(2008 – current)
Harpreet Kandra

One of the key needs for effective management of such stormwater harvesting systems is to have reliable modelling tools that can predict the performance and lifespan of stormwater filters, which can be used along with porous pavements. Such tools could be used in the design of granular stormwater filters, giving designers an increased level of confidence in the performance and sustainability of systems that they specify. This is pertinent in light of the fact that there is a high variability in stormwater inflow conditions, such as its flow rate and pollutant concentrations and performance of filters and pavement systems.

The particular aim of this research is, therefore, to undertake a rigorous scientific assessment of the operations of stormwater harvesting systems that use porous pavements based on fine media granular filters. This will lead to the development of a robust modelling tool for the evaluation of such systems – a tool that can predict clogging of the filter over time, and its effect on treatment performance.

One of the main applications of such a tool would be for risk assessment and design evaluation of the stormwater harvesting systems using this technology. The understanding developed will contribute towards improved performance and management of stormwater harvesting systems (SWHS), enabling them to become a reliable and sustainable source of water supply.

Project Partner:
eWater CRC

Prof Ana Deletic and Dr David McCarthy

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