P1 Sustainable Technologies

Stormwater harvesting technologies, which are decentralised and often space-constrained, will build on the proven concepts of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD).  A suite of solutions will be developed that will be able to deliver both potable and non-potable water for three different urban scales: household, streetscape and neighbourhood, as well as provide some flooding protection.

Design of existing WSUD stormwater technologies (such as biofilters, street tree pits, wetlands, porous pavements, etc.) will be further refined for effective collection and pre-treatment of stormwater for subsequent use. In this way, current WSUD measures will be used as treatment barriers distributed throughout urban catchments.

At the same time, technologies will be identified and, if necessary, refined for the final polishing of pre-treated water to meet different end‑use requirements.

Problems related to water storage in constrained urban environment will also be resolved using innovative and modular stores.  For example, linear underground stores that can be easily installed into nature strips and carparks could be considered for precinct solutions, while Aquifer Storage and Recovery technologies could be further refined for regional solutions.

These systems will be integrated within existing urban water infrastructure (based on centralised systems) as well as in the urban landscape. In other words, solutions will be developed for both greenfield and retrofit developments.

To explore different technologies in depth, four PhD projects are being undertaken, focusing on:

The findings from these projects will progressively inform the broader research of the Sustainable Technologies team.

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