Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration

(2005 – 2009)

The Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration, FAWB, was a joint venture research facility between Ecological Engineering Holdings Pty Ltd and Monash University under the auspices of the Victorian Government’s Science Technology and Innovation Initiative.

The main aims of FAWB were to:

  • Provide scientific “proof of concept” for the application of stormwater biofilter technologies so that greater certainty could be afforded to all stakeholders in relation to the choice and design of such technologies; and
  • Facilitate industry-wide adoption and implementation of the technology after proof-of-concept was established.

The specific outcomes of FAWB’s work are innovative stormwater biofilter technologies underpinned by:

  • New scientific knowledge about the key physical, chemical, and biological performances which underpin the performance (i.e. efficacy and reliability) of stormwater biofilters
  • Design specifications for biofilters that form the basis for written technical guidelines to accompany legislation/regulation;
  • Algorithms that assist in the design of biofilters for a wide range of applications;
  • Prototypes of modular units for specific applications (e.g. device for stormwater treatment and re-use at the level of an individual household or a single commercial site).

Please visit the FAWB website (www.monash.edu.au/fawb) for more information about the individual projects, research outcomes, team members, project partners etc.

Research Team (link to FAWB website)

Project Partners (link to FAWB website)

Key publication:
FAWB (2009) Adoption Guidelines for Stormwater Biofiltration Systems, Facility for Advancing Water Biofiltration, Monash University. link to PDF (14MB) – click here to download in separate chapters.

Other Publications (link to FAWB website)

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