Modelling Faecal Microorganism Removal in Stormwater Biofilters

(2010 – current)
Gayani Chandrasena

It is important to reduce pathogen levels in stormwater to ensure safe stormwater harvesting or recreational uses. Although stormwater biofilters have shown promising results in reducing pathogen levels, it is not yet well understood how the pathogens are removed within these biofilters. Furthermore, modelling these systems helps to design and optimise the stormwater biofilters’ pathogen removal capacity, at the same time providing a better understanding about the governing processes.

Hence, the main goal of this study is to develop a model to predict faecal microorganism removal in stormwater biofilters. This goal is achieved through a series of laboratory, field and modelling work. Laboratory work will be used to identify the major pathogen removal processes in stormwater biofilters and to determine how the overall pathogen removal is affected by the biofilter design and operation. Based on this understanding a model algorithm will be developed. Finally the model will be tested using the monitoring data collected from a field scale stormwater biofilter.

Dr David McCarthy and Prof Ana Deletic

Publications (link)

Vegetated Filtration Systems/BiofiltersWSUD Technologies
Project P1 (Sustainable Technologies)Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program

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