The Stormwater Management Benefits of Vegetated Roofs

(2010 – current)

Vegetated roofs have a wide range of potential benefits including insulation and energy saving, providing attractive open space, as well as retaining and filtering stormwater.  Studies from around the world suggest that the stormwater management benefits of vegetated roofs are very site-specific, depending on both the design of the roof and the climatic conditions.  This project is made up of two components:

  1. Monitoring of three roof rigs (one normal steel deck roof, one vegetated roof with 125 mm of substrate (scoria and sand) overlying a drainage cell and one roof with the substrate and drainage cell, but without vegetation.  This roof is being monitored for stormwater quality as well as for runoff retention.
  2. Monitoring of the flow and water quality performance of a vegetated roof being constructed on the Monash Civic Centre roof.  This monitoring is being conducted in conjunction with Dr. Nick Williams’ group at the University of Melbourne who are studying the performance of various plant and media combinations.

Research Team:
Prof Tim Fletcher, Dr Belinda Hatt, Dr Edoardo Daly, Prof Jason Beringer (Monash University) and Dr Nick Williams (University of Melbourne)

Project Partners:
The project is funded by Melbourne Water (Marion Urrutiaguer).  The Monash Civic Centre Roof is funded by the City of Monash (Robyn Mitchell).

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