Piloting Biofiltration in Israel: The Kfar-Saba Biofilter

(2009 – current)

The Kfar-Saba biofilter is the first engineered ‘green’ water treatment system in Israel, which harvests stormwater and treats polluted groundwater: It collects and treats urban runoff during the wet period (from November to March), while during dry periods (April to October) the system is used for treatment and recovery of nitrate-contaminated groundwater. In both cases, treated water is injected into the groundwater aquifer, where it is stored. The water can then be recovered at any point along the aquifer for a variety of uses.

The system is an integral part of the urban design, contributing to the amenity of the local park. This technology (imported from Australia) is being tested in Kfar-Saba for Israeli conditions, and if proven could be applied for production of large quantities of fresh water in urban areas. This particular site was chosen out of 8 local councils wanting to take part in the project.

For more information on the system, please read the project brochure (PDF – 3.2MB).

Project Team:
Mr Yaron Zinger, Prof Ana Deletic, Prof Tim Fletcher and Prof Tony Wong

Project Partners:
This project was made possible through the initiative and vision of the of the JNF Gold Patrons Victoria (Australia) and support of JNF New South Wales (Australia). The Kfar-Saba local council and KKL-JNF also participated to the project funding.

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