PREPARED: European Union 7th Framework Research Program

(2010 – current)

This multi-disciplinary international project aims to show that the water supply and sanitation systems of cities and their catchments can adapt and be resilient to the challenges of climate change, while being cost effective and carbon efficient. Funded through the highly competitive European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme, the PREPARED project focuses on 12 cities in Europe, the USA and Australia, and draws together 35 project partners from across the globe including leading research universities, research institutes, water utilities/authorities, water companies, city councils and private companies.

In an international collaboration with Innsbruck University (Austria), Bradford University (UK) and the Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (France), the Centre for Water Sensitive Cities will contribute to the development of a framework to characterise an adaptive Water Sensitive City and an audit tool to assess the current capacity of cities for embracing these adaptive solutions. This interdisciplinary planning tool, DAnCE4Water (Dynamic Adaptation for eNabling City Evolution), will assist policy-makers and utilities to understand the biophysical impacts of their policy and management decisions, enabling an adaptive approach to the management of urban water systems. The tool will be developed and tested for Melbourne as an initial case-study city and will subsequently be used by other participating cities to model their own systems.

The interdisciplinary research team at Monash are undertaking a number of tasks including theoretical development, empirical testing, transition modelling, bio-physical modelling and scenario analysis research.  This project supports three postgraduate research projects.  The first aims at (i) the conceptual representation of a city to allow for the setup of virtual case studies and (ii) the development of an integrated urban water system model for performance assessment of the total urban water infrastructure (Peter Bach, PhD).  The second is exploring the concept of a ‘water sensitive city’ and how urban areas can make the transition to sustainable water management, particularly in the context of climate change (Briony Ferguson, PhD).  The last one is a PhD exchange research program, investigating the determination of criteria for the integration of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) technologies into the site planning process (Riane Nunes, PhD Exchange Research Program).

Research Team:
Prof Ana Deletic, Prof Rebekah Brown, Prof Nigel Tapper, Dr David McCarthy and Dr Fjalar de Haan

Associated Postgraduate Projects:

Project Partners:
Unit of Environmental Engineering, Innsbruck University, Austria; Bradford University, UK; Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA), France
Australian Funding Partners: Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Melbourne Water,


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