The Role of the Private Land Developer in Mainstreaming Water Sensitive Urban Design

(2009 – 2011)
Katie Brookes

This Masters by research project is investigating the receptivity of the land development sector in adopting water sensitive urban design. It focuses on identifying the organisational and technological drivers which motivate private land developers to incorporate water sensitive urban design and decentralised water services technologies into new developments.

Katie’s research explores these motivations through a comparative case study analysis of water sensitive urban developments in metropolitan Melbourne. Understanding what motivates the decisions of these innovative private land developers will contribute to the current gaps in understanding a critical stakeholder in mainstreaming water sensitive urban design. It will help to address the often slow adoption of new principles of urban water management by land developers and inform the development of governance frameworks and tools to improve adoption.

Project Partner:
This Masters by research is supported by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Victoria.

Prof Rebekah Brown and Dr Peter Morison

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Innovation and AdoptionUrban Water Governance Program
Project P6 (Society and Institutions)Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program

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