Defining Water Sensitive Cities

The idea of a Water Sensitive City emerged almost simultaneously, when a researcher and a policy maker were searching for terms to encapsulate a vision for a sustainable urban environments.

Concepts like total water cycle and catchment management, or adaptive and integrated urban water management, offered philosophical underpinnings of a new water management paradigm, but not necessarily a tangible vision from which new design principles, management frameworks and technological innovations could grow.

The idea of a Water Sensitive City seemed to encapsulate this type of vision, and was released into the lexicon of the Australian urban water sector through the Council of Australian Government’s National Water Initiative agreement, and very soon found its feet. Researchers vigorously debated and developed the concept, and practitioners adopted it as a direction for sustainable water futures that engaged their superiors and peers.

Soon, practitioners and researchers joined forces to realise Water Sensitive Cities – learning together to create shared understandings of what it will mean to be sensitive to water in cities, by working on new technologies and trajectories to take them there.

So the story of Water Sensitive Cities has begun…

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What is a Water Sensitive City?
How do we get there?