Co-Management of Urban Stormwater

(2010 – current)
Carlyne Yu

This research will investigate how emerging decentralised stormwater management technologies can be managed in an integrated way across various operational scales.

Carlyne’s research will focus on identifying the management practices, roles and responsibilities of service providers and consumers surrounding new technologies at the house, street, precinct and city scale. Synergies and possible conflicts between these management arrangements at different scales can be used to inform the design and operation of future distributed water systems.

Similar developments in distributed systems within the energy sector will be drawn on for comparison, and learnings from implementing distributed and multi-scale technologies will be applied to the case of urban stormwater management.

This research is ultimately interested in developing management principles and an integrated framework within which such multi-scale management arrangements of future stormwater technologies can be accommodated.

Prof Rebekah Brown and Dr Peter Morison

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Community Water ManagementUrban Water Governance Program
Project P6 (Society and Institutions)Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program