Sustainable Urban Water Management: the Art of Translation

(2008 – current)
Annette Bos

This PhD is exploring the process of collaborative experimentation with new planning and administration approaches to locally-based sustainable urban water management, and how these are being translated into new practice.

The research investigates how alternative governance processes which focus on co-design and co-management of solutions to local water issues emerge and are being implemented in conventional, technocratic urban water contexts.  The research also explores how these experiments, through processes of translation, may help to transition an established socio-technical system, such as traditional urban water management, to a more sustainable one. This knowledge has the potential to help design and implement experiments focused at achieving societal change.

The research is being conducted through an in-depth case study of a governance-oriented transition experiment in the Cooks River Catchment in Sydney, Australia. See the project Community Sustainable Water Planning on this website for more information about this innovative initiative.

Project Partner:
This PhD is supported by the Cooks River Sustainability Initiative.

Prof Rebekah Brown and Dr Megan Farrelly

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