Development of a Guiding Framework for Sustainable Urban Water Governance

(2006 – 2010)
Susan van de Meene

This PhD examined the proposed theoretical models of contemporary governance approaches to develop a suitable governance framework for guiding sustainable urban water management.

By drawing on the perspectives of scholars and leading Australian urban water sustainability practioners, the research explored the disconnection between the theoretical governance approaches and their application in practice to achieve sustainable urban water management.

The research found the proposed attributes of a sustainable regime differ substantially from traditional governance models and contemporary practice, suggesting more innovative governance structures and instruments will be needed to achieve sustainable urban water management. The guiding framework for sustainable urban water governance comprises different governance styles, expressed through a clearly defined administrative and regulatory framework, collaborative strategies for implementing sustainable urban water management practices and some market instruments.

By identifying this suite of attributes and how they can be implemented to create suitable governance settings for change, this research helps guide the design of institutional capacity building programs and policy initiatives to further sustainable urban water management.

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Project partner:
This PhD research was supported by the Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment.

Prof Rebekah Brown, Prof Chris Cocklin and Dr Megan Farelly

Van de Meene S.J. (2010) Development of a Guiding Framework for Sustainable Urban Water Governance. PhD Thesis, School of Geography and Environmental Science, Monash University.

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