Science-Policy Partnership

The Science – Policy Partnership is a joint initiative of the Victorian Government (Department of Sustainability and Environment) and Monash University that links the research activities of the Centre to the policy programs of DSE and ensures the rapid and ongoing development of evidence-based policy making in the urban water resources area.

Through its Living Melbourne, Living Victoria policy, the Victorian Government is committed to:

  • establish Victoria as a world leader in liveable cities and integrated water cycle management;
  • drive generational change in how Melbourne uses rainwater, stormwater and recycled water to provide better water services and reduce Victoria’s footprint with regard to energy and water use; and
  • drive integrated projects and developments in Melbourne and regional cities to use stormwater, rainwater and recycled water to provide Victoria’s next major water augmentation.

The Partnership will support the application of science to inform policy decisions for the development of urban water policy particularly related to the Living Melbourne, Living Victoria policy.

This will help to deliver:

  • Informed, evidence-based policy
  • Strategically focussed science programs
  • Increased certainty and confidence in the knowledge base for water sensitive cities.

A senior DSE policy officer, Dr Phillip Johnstone, has been seconded to the Centre for three years to prepare briefing papers on urban water management issues for DSE. The secondment ensures important skills and information transfer to inform policy, as well as ensuring that researchers are aware of the practical policy needs of government.

Program Partner:
Department of Sustainability and Environment

For a full list of publications relating to this Program, see the Publications section of the website.