Ecosystem Dynamics

Aquatic ecosystems are highly valued components of the urban landscape. The Ecosystem Dynamics Program explores the link between urban water systems, the urban landscape and ecosystems, with a particular emphasis on aquatic receiving waters such as streams, wetlands and estuaries. It examines how water sensitive urban design can be used to support and restore natural elements of ecosystem function, both to protect ecosystem services to humans and to protect the intrinsic values of the ecosystems themselves.

This Program is made up of two main themes:

This Program is intimately linked with the research being undertaken under the Cities as Water Supply Catchments Program, in particular the work of Project 3 (Green Cities & Micro-Climate) and Project 4 (Stream Ecology).

For a full list of publications relating to this Program, see the Publications section of the website.

To find out who’s part of the Ecosystems Services Program, please refer to the People section of this Program.

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