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blueprint2013 – Now Available

The revised version of our blueprint is now available. This document is a “how to” guide to the management of urban storm water and to the integration of appropriate management technologies into Australian urban design practice in the planning of urban developments and re-developments.

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CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

In collaboration with over 70 research, industry and government partners, we will deliver the socio-technical urban water management solutions…


Cities as Water Supply Catchments

The Program aims at harnessing the potential of storm water to overcome water shortages, reduce urban temperatures, and improve waterways health and the landscape of Australian cities.


WSUD Technologies

This Program aims to develop and test a range of new technologies for managing urban water systems, with a particular focus on urban stormwater management.


Urban Water Governance

This Program seeks to bridge the policy-implementation gap through research in urban water management, by providing a reliable knowledge base on the governance of urban water.

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11 Engineering, Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary PhD scholarships available - May 26, 2014

Engineering, Social Sciences & Interdisciplinary PhD scholarships in sustainable urban water management in developing Asian cities.

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Rob Skinner winner of WME Leader 2013 award - June 18, 2013 WME_winner

Until you’ve been where the buck stops in supplying water to four million people in the worst drought in 1000 years you probably haven’t fully internalised the risks of climate change. Yet the Millennium Drought is also the context for former Melbourne Water MD Rob Skinner’s proudest career achievement: a profound cultural change in the 800-employee organisation.

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A collaborative approach to water management in India - February 13, 2013 waterdrop

The Monash Sustainability Institute (MSI) and India’s The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) recently co-hosted a meeting in New Delhi to address water management in India.

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